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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Please check the phone number on the top of your bill and make sure it is correct. We use this for office purposes and planned power outages. Thank You!



CEC has learned of a couple different scams affecting our members.

One scam, involves individuals who falsely claim to be collecting on an overdue account.The scammers are telling members they are delinquent on their electric bill and must pay the money in person. CEC wants to remind our members that we DO NOT collect money in the field. If you are past due on an account, and are due to be disconnected for non-payment, CEC will try to contact you with our automated phone system.

Another scam, involves scammers dressing up like CEC employees and approaching members stating that they work for the electric company, and requesting money under threat of disconnection. The scammers are, also driving a vehicle that looks similar to our vehicles. The vehicles do not have our logo or our name, but if someone is not paying close attention they could be deceived.

A third scam involves CEC members receiving a call by someone claiming to be a CEC representative asking the member to participate in a survey which offers coupons and discounts. A second call is then placed to confirm and setup an immediate onsite survey that must be done that day. The scammers are using a service known as “Caller ID Spoofing” in which anyone can change the ID information of a call and manipulate the information to read Chickasaw, and our main number.

CEC wants to remind members that our employees will always be wearing a CEC uniform and driving marked vehicles. We typically will not visit unless we are performing maintenance or if there is a power outage. Our surveys are presented over the phone and internet, not at your door.  

Please be cautious. CEC members are encouraged to contact us at 901-465-3591 if they notice any suspicious activity or if they wish to confirm the identity of anyone claiming to be a representative of CEC.



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